June 13, 2021

Comedy Matters: by Jeffrey Gurian

comedy_matters_logo2ROBERT KLEIN and Son at Gotham

Robert Klien and Son at Gotham


jeffrey-and-robert-klein2-640x504[1]As I pulled up to The Stand I was pleasantly surprised to find a parking spot right in front, and even more surprised to see Robert Klein sitting at the little table in front of the club. He was just as surprised to see me, and as I got out of my car he said, “Gurian, what are you doing here?” And when I told him I was going up to perform, he introduced me to his son Allie Klein, who was also in the show. Robert said he didn’t think he’d ever seen me perform, so it was exciting for me to have him in the audience, and then his son went up for only his second time on stage.
Performing must be hereditary because Allie had great stage presence and owned the stage as if he had been performing for years. Not only funny but a really nice guy, just like his dad. The Weinstein Company did a documentary on Robert named after his famous bit, “I Can’t Stop My Leg,” which he first performed on the first season of SNL back in the day, and it’s as funny now as it was then, they plan to have the premiere at Sundance this year.

SRICKY-VELEZ-JEFFREY-TONE-BELL-SHERRI-SHEPHERD-RELL-BATTLE-VIRGIL-640x480[1]HERRI SHEPHERD, and Virgil from the WWE Judge Rap Battle, Sherri Talks About Getting Let Go From The View.
I ended my week at Rell Battle’s Roast Battle at New York Comedy Club. Emilio greeted me as I came in and whispered to me that my friend Sherri Shepherd was there. I was so excited to see her, and she looked fantastic, as you’ll see in the photos. I went into the green room/office where all the comics hang out and it was Ricky Velez, Rell Battle, Tone Bell who greeted me by saying, “Gurian, you’re everywhere!”, Virgil from WWE who was also a judge, and Sherri. Sherri told me she’s in “Ride Along 2,” with Kevin Hart coming out January 2016, playing Cory the wedding planner; and she’s also in a football movie with Jon Voight, who plays “Bear” Bryant coming out next month called “Woodlawn,” in which she plays Mama Nathan the mother of Tony Nathan from the Miami Dolphins.

Sherri was a judge, but also came out and did a very cool set before the Roast Battle. She told me she hadn’t performed in a while, but you couldn’t tell because she was really funny and very relaxed on stage. She took on a heckler and really put him in his place. When she asked him if he was black he said he was “black as shit.” Turns out he was Indian and she told him he made her believe in abortions. They finally had to escort him out because he was so obnoxious.

Sherri said when she and Jenny McCarthy got let go from The View, Jenny cried and she just went and stole everything she could take! She’s also got a new show on The Cooking Channel that she hosts called Holy and Hungry every Sunday night at 10 P.M. Tone Bell told me he’s got a half hour comedy special coming up in November, and casually mentioned his co-starring role on the new show Truth Be Told, airing Friday nights on NBC starting October 16th.

And what a week it was in comedy! … So until next week, … I’m OUT!!! See you at the clubs!!! Photos. Jeffrey Gurian with Robert Klein, Jeffrey with Ricky Velez, Tone Bell, Sherri Shepherd, Rell Battle and Virgil from the WWE.

JEFFREY GURIAN is a comedian, writer and all-around bon vivant in New York City. Follow his regular column right here and on-line at jeffreygurian.com, to find out what’s happening in comedy, and his adventures on the comedy circuit in and around New York. Just recently, he stopped at Gotham Comedy Live, New York Comedy Club, and more!

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