June 13, 2021

JERUSALEM: Where the Old City Meets the New Sea Side

By Mark Seidman

As a travel-agent for twenty-five years, I have traveled
extensively throughout Europe, the middle east, the Caribbean and the south seas. Just recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my
homeland, Jerusalem. It was truly a homecoming as the extremely friendly people make you feel right at home.

Jerusalem is a fantastic cosmopolitan international destination,
catering to the major religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It has never lost its age-old charm and history, especially it’s glorious beauty observed day or night with stone monuments bathing in golden hues! A visit to the walled old city is a must, as you will be transported to an ancient time!

On the western side of Israel, on the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea, is the ultra-modern city of TEL-AVIV. Tel -Aviv is a vibrant, chic, modern city with great beaches, restaurants, art galleries; and an expansive night life, with clubs and discos along the sea. Often called ‘the city that never stops,’ Tel-Aviv was the first modern Jewish city built in Israel, and is the  country’s economic and cultural center.

Near Tel-Aviv is JAFFA, a city living in the present, yet looking towards the future. It is becoming a hip tourist spot, with a great night life scene, full of new clubs and discos and some very interesting art museums. Once the ancient port of the eastern Mediterranean known as the City of Oranges, it was here that King Richard the Lionhearted defeated Saladin.
Further north along the sea you will come upon the ancient crusader city of ACRE, built upon the sea to protect the riches of the land around the shipping ports. Here you find one of the best examples of the Knights Templar architecture. Also you will see the Ottoman influence resembling Istanbul. Acre is an interesting and charming city, great for a glimpse of the past, a festival or just for a romantic stroll along the city walls
over the Mediterranean sea.

From the old city of Jerusalem to the new sea side scene on the Mediterranean, Israel is well worth a visit! You will be mesmerized by the ancient contrasting with the modern!

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