June 13, 2021

Publisher’s Note December 2015


Destiny A Game?
Winner Takes All?
Careful If You Play
Dreams Befall.

Like Old Times…
Waiting For News
Just A Block Away
High-Heeled Shoes.

Fortune Deserved
Wonder Why Not?
Time To Realize…
Ghosts You Fought.
What Do You Want?

Engaged In Love
Wedding Bell Blues
Bacchus Drinks Above.

Calico Cats Play
Dance In The Moon
Poets And Paupers
Butterflies Bloom.

All Been Wasted
Filling Your Mind
Keep On Singing
Timeless Rhymes.

Tomorrow Is Here
The Future Is Now
Do Win The Game
Do Not Forget How.


A. Brooks, Publisher

Talent In Motion Magazine

Photo – Ernst Racine

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