June 13, 2021

Spotlight: RICH GRAFF: “Making of the Mob”

Spotlite on RICH GRAFF: “Making of the Mob”
By Nicholas Pressly, courtesy of Victoria Pressly Hype LLC

RichGrafAMC’s new show “MAKING OF THE MOB” premiered this past summer.
RICH GRAFF plays the lead role of Lucky Luciano on the highly anticipated new series, directed by John Ealer. In the Wall Street Journal’s first look at the series, Charles “Lucky” Luciano calls together the heads of the New York crime families for a meeting in Chicago. “The blood on the street must stop,” he says. “The cycles of revenge must end.” If only it were that easy.

The eight-part series traces the rise of organized crime in New York City over the course of 50 years and features dramatic reenactments, archival footage, and interviews with former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Meyer Lansky II, Chazz Palminteri, Frankie Valli, Mob attorney and former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman and historian David Pietrusza. The series is
narrated by Ray Liotta.

Richgraffonset2The award winning actor was born and raised in the heart of New York City to immigrant parents and was destined to be on-screen. He also has had unique experiences to prepare for his role. At the age of 11, he moved to Howard Beach, NY and didn’t know at the time, but most of his friend’s fathers were the head of the Gambino crime family. His best friend was Peter Gotti, John Gotti’s youngest son. Others included Angelo Ruggerio’s sons and Jimmie Burke’s son; Jimmie Conway as portrayed in the movie “Goodfellas”. Without ever having to commit a crime, he knew exactly how these people lived, killed, and socialized. As Rich got older and understood what the people around him were going to grow up to become, he carefully distanced himself and was not lured toward the artificial gratification that ultimately traps and dooms people in organized crime.
Rich studied with the world renowned acting teacher Wynn Handman at his private studio, and with Peter Minor at T. Schreiber studios. The film and television industry in New York recognized Rich’s natural talents, and after landing several lead roles in a variety of independent movies, he was cast in his first major TV role, as a detective on “Law & Order Criminal Intent” (2011). Rich also had roles in “Insurgent” and “1971.” His breakthrough role on the big screen came as the love interest of Heather Graham in “My Dead Boyfriend” (2015), directed by Anthony Edwards.
For information: www.amctv-pr.com/epk/making-of-the-mob/season-1. Movie photos courtesy of unit + key art.

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